Why Would I Want Labiaplasty Surgery?

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The two main reasons why women want labiaplasty surgery are discomfort and esthetics. Many women feel uncomfortable or irritated when wearing tight clothing, having sexual relations, or exercising. Other women just want to look “prettier”. With the increased availability and acceptance of sexually explicit materials in our society, this is becoming more common. Often these women feel embarrassed or self-conscious in front of their partners.

Cosmetic Reasons
Women who are unhappy or embarrassed with the way their labia look. Often this affects sexual relationships and self-esteem. Some women just want to look as beautiful as they can for themselves and their partner. With the increasing openness of society to sexuality and greater exposure to sexually explicit materials, labiaplasty is becoming increasingly popular.

Medical Reasons
Women who have discomfort from enlarged labia. This can come from exercise, sexual activity or from wearing tight clothes.

“Labia size and shape is as individual as eye color, and the range of what’s “normal” is wide and deep. However, when a person’s labia are especially elongated, the excess tissue can cause discomfort or get in the way of normal function.

An athlete whose labia is long may find that the tissue sticks to their leg during physical activity, for example. Labial tissue that protrudes can make sitting on a bicycle seat uncomfortable.”

Finding an experienced labiaplasty surgeon is not an easy exercise in recent years. Cosmetic surgeons who have no specialized experience in female cosmetic genital surgery have been attempting to enter the field in droves. Choose only the most qualified, with a long list of successful patient outcomes.

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