Who Can Benefit from Vaginal Tightening?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure which tightens the female pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina. The goal of the procedure is to give a woman better strength or control of these muscles, which can lead to greater satisfaction for both the female and her partner during sexual intercourse. The procedure was originally intended to fix genetic vaginal deformations or repair vaginal stretches and tears that are often the result of childbirth.

Vaginoplasty Benefits

Now, many women are also choosing to have the surgery in order to make sex feel better and boost sexual confidence. Some women who have never experienced vaginal damage may choose to have the operation, simply because they desire a change in the look or feel of their vagina. Our surgery results in increased friction during intercourse that often enhances sexual satisfaction.

A recent vaginoplasty study, published by the National Institute of Health, cited overall sexual satisfaction improved as well as subcategories of increased sexual excitement during intercourse and overall increase in intensity of orgasms.

Finding an experienced labiaplasty surgeon is not an easy exercise in recent years. Cosmetic surgeons who have no specialized experience in female cosmetic genital surgery have been attempting to enter the field in droves. Choose only the most qualified, with a long list of successful patient outcomes.

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