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Real Patient Reviews submitted following consults or procedures.  View the actual surveys submitted by patients reflecting their views and opinions.

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We deliver life-changing positive experiences through outstanding Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery in our world-class private facility.

Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery
We met with Dr. Blatt and knew he was the best choice for us. My wife needed to be tighter and cut down a little bit. Before we got married my wife had to come and get this operation done due to her religion. Everything came full circle after the operation and we have Dr. Blatt to thank for this. Highly recommend him.
I would say right after the pandemic my wife came here due to some unwanted extra skin down below. She's dealt with it for a long time but it started getting to the point where she couldn't get comfortable or wear certain clothing. She made the brave decision to come back to Dr. Blatt because she knew she was comfortable with him and knew that her procedure would come out great. MY wife is now fully healed after moving forward with the procedure and she has no regrets and NO PAINS!
I feel that there is no need for any improvement because all procedures are taken care of in a professional manner, and the care that I have gotten here was unbelievably great. I am thrilled with my results. Keep doing what your doing!
Response from the owner: Darcy,Thank you so much for your kind words. We take pride in keeping all our patients happy. We strive on being the best in the tri-state area.Thank you again

Real Patient Reviews

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