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I knew Dr. Blatt was the right choice for my procedure after sitting down and meeting with him. Even after my procedure I spoke with Dr. Blatt again to thank him for making me feel like myself all over again. No more discomfort.
Lisa Levine
12:57 08 Sep 22
Dr. Blatt was generally caring about my needs and my concerns before we booked my procedure. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor to handle the surgery. Dr. Blatt made this entire situation / experience amazing . I highly recommend Dr Blatt and not to mention his staff is very caring.
Noreen Fisher
12:48 10 Aug 22
Very easy procedure nothing major like most women. I read it is common for women to have the same issues as myself especially after child birth. Dr. Blatt was fantastic and was really helpful. So happy I came here.
Melanie Rivers
13:27 27 Jul 22
I can't thank Dr. Blatt and his team enough for the care and attention I received coming here for a small procedure. My recovery time wasn't as long as expected just because most women come in here for a little bit more then what I came in for. All I will say is that I made the right choice going a head with my procedure, using Dr. Blatt and listening to everything he said. I healed nicely and I feel so much better.
Kailey Lussino
12:18 30 Jun 22
Wife came in for a simple procedure that would help change her life for the best. Getting older isn't easy but Dr. Blatt sure helped her get back on track. We were both very happy that the procedure went accordingly and that my wife feels 100% better.
Jack Cameron
14:39 16 May 22
Dr. Blatt was great. He's professional and understands what we women are dealing with. He truly cares about his patients and he knows what is best for them also. His staff is also very considerate and professional. The facility is clean and welcoming. Dr. Blatt does an outstanding job and after your procedure is fully healed, you feel like a new person ready to accomplish things you haven't done because of the problems you had before the operation. Thank you Dr Blatt for everything.
Iris Larkin
13:10 21 Apr 22
Okay - I registered a new account just to write this review. My goal is to help those who are seriously considering a labiaplasty procedure. I will share my decision making process, my understanding of the "trim" and the "wedge" technique, and my recovery experience.I received labiaplasty four weeks ago from Dr. Blatt. I have nothing but good things to say about his practice and skills. Only at 4 weeks post-op, I am already seeing good result and the recovery was a lot easier than expected.My search of a top-notch labiaplasty surgeon started in early 2020. I’ve consulted five doctors (basically top results if you google "Labiaplasty NYC” with 4.8-4.9 ratings), including Dr. Blatt. I’ve learned a lot of about the pros and cons of the "trim" and the "wedge" techniques. The major difference is that the trim gets rid of the rims and the wedge preserves the natural rim. Some say you should opt for the trim if you want to get rid of the pigmented rim, however this technique is arguably more prone to complications such as scalloped new rim, prolonged healing, and amputation, depending on the surgeon's skills.Among all the doctors I've consulted, some do both techniques, some only do one. I won’t elaborate on how many times I've changed my mind about which technique I should go for every time after seeing a different doctor. All I can tell you is, Dr. Blatt's office was the only one that received me THREE times without charges. (I've visited another doctor twice but paid $250 for each; and for the other three doctors, I simply lost interest to continue the conversation as they either told me horror stories of the technique they don't perform or somewhat attacked the qualifications of other doctors.)Dr. Blatt said he only does the wedge because the trim doesn't heal as great. This echoes with my research. For my concerns over the pigmented rim, he said for my case, the wedge will get rid of the most pigmented sections.I finally decided Dr. Blatt is the right surgeon for the following reasons:1. his focus on vaginal surgeries;2. natural results of before & after photos;3. great accessibility & a very candid environment (not like some fancy plastic surgeon offices that sell expensive illusions over results). Denise has been a great pleasure to work with.I went into the surgery room feeling nervous and uncertain, however, things turn out to be great. There was never significant pain and most importantly, I am liking the result already.Below is a summary of my recovery experience for your reference:Day 1 - I got out of the surgery in late afternoon and felt a bit tired and dizzy, but no pain. I took an oxycodone before went to bed anyway and slept like a baby.Day 2 and Day 3 - the toughest time throughout the recovery. The soreness kicked back as the anesthesia wore off, but all was manageable.Day 4 to Day 8 - I bled a bit during these days. Soreness was constant but a little better day by day. I was able to work full time, but couldn't sit long. Some sudden tickling & itching started.Day 9 to Day 10 - Itching peaked in these two days and I couldn't sleep tight. Dr. Blatt suggested to get some hydrocortisone cream. I didn't get it due to laziness and concerns over rubbing more cream onto the stitches. Anyway, I lived through it.Day 10 to Day 14 - bleeding has stopped. Itching and soreness got better. Swelling went down by about 70%. Day 14 was my first post-op visit and Dr. Blatt confirmed everything looked good.Day 14 to Day 31(today) – Soreness’s been tapering down to minimal. Sitting and walking were at 100% comfort level going into the 4th week. Sutures started to dissolve and by my second post-op visit (at Day 28), I only had about 5% of the sutures left. Today I am suture free.Other tips:1. Read the instructions carefully and get everything ready before the surgery. Invest in a good peri bottle. Stock extra Hibiclens.2. I had constipation during the first 3 days and that was uncomfortable. Stock some Colace just in case.I hope this review is helpful and best of luck to you all.
Honest Review
07:52 13 Mar 21
I will admit my labiaplasty surgery was not painful at all . I think I stressed myself out more than I imagined . The staff put me at ease it was super private and not to mention very clean.
Crissy Anderson
17:37 06 Jun 18
Dr Blatt is one of a kind who knows his way around these difficult / uncomfortable procedures that women have to go through. He has been at this for a while and my wife is now in recovery and everything went well. Now it is time for her to heal.
Shawn O’rielly
19:41 22 Nov 17
11:17 31 Jul 16
I was scared of the procedure but Dr Blatt really calmed me down and did such an amazing job on me. My husband loves it too. I will recommend your services to any one.
Steph Malone
22:57 06 Jun 16
I feel that there is no need for any improvement because all procedures are taken care of in a professional manner, and the care that I have gotten here was unbelievably great. I am thrilled with my results. Keep doing what your doing!
Darcy Kemp
13:19 24 Mar 15
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Dr. Blatt has been in practice for 35 years as a board-certified gynecologist and has specialized in Vaginal Rejuvenation, Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty for the last 16 years.

He also specializes in repairs of poor quality procedures performed by other doctors.

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We help you look and feel your best.
With over 35-years experience and over 1,000 procedures performed, we are staffed with the leading specialists in the field of cosmetic vaginal surgery.

We help you look
and feel your best.

With 35+ years experience
and over 1,000 procedures
performed, we are staffed
with the leading specialists
in cosmetic vaginal surgery.